Freelance Photographer based out of Erlangen, Germany

Starting with filming and documenting sports mainly I soon discovered the photography function of my camera. 

A few times around the sun later my career in photography is heavily influenced by my passion to travel and explore the world and my appetite for finding unique perspectives.


Specialized in Outdoor, -Adventure- and Lifestylephotography my mission is to create photographs that tell stories of unique moments and take the viewers with me on my journey.


Working with international brands as well as smaller businesses, my goal is to connect brands with the community through my work and bring their products to life.


Constantly driven by the fascination for the wild spirit of nature and the never-ending lust to collect pixels I’m never far away from a new adventure.


Available for projects worldwide. 


Published in

Spiegel Online, Tunturi, deinErlangen, Heimplanet Magazine, Rucksack Magazine, Velo Magazine, Instagram Deutschland, Art of Visuals

Selected Clients