Lofoten Islands
A few years back, when E6 up North was still a small dangerous winter road, Marco and me went for a road trip through a white covered Norway all the way up to the Lofoten Islands. Despite all doubt in the beginning the journey north was one of my most memorable yet. Winters up here are somethings special. Crisp air, howling wind, colourful sunset, strolling moose, northern lights. This all bundled with the high cliffs and mountain ranges climbing out of the Atlantic Ocean delivers everything for a perfect winter adventure. 

Exploring our Backyards x The North Face

Exploring our snow covered Bavarian backyards together with Louis and The North Face. Short Social Media Commercial for the Summit Series Hoodie.
A Morning in Austria
Soft morning breeze, orange larches,  mountain fog. We headed out to Austria to experience the colourful fall ourselves. We did countless morning hikes, took dips into alpine lakes and strolled through the scenic forests.

On The Road – Norway

In June 2019 we headed out for a 2 month trip through the arctic area of Norway. It was the first road trip in my own built-out car. Living out of my car and tent at such an incredible place for two months straight was a life-changing adventure that will stick with me for the rest of my life.