Iceland – Land of the wild. Far from the touristic places of the south coast, we ventured into the fjords looking for fresh snow and mesmerizing views. Little did we know we would be on hold for over a week. Storm after storm rolled by, sometimes blasting down more than 30cm in half an hour. Conditions became pretty sketchy so even bad weather missions seemed to be impossible. When there was new snow, the wind immediately moved it away in front of your eyes.


Our local hot chocolate dealer slowly began treating us with stories from the surrounding  area and informations after we took over his cafe for a week. 


Even though skiing is kind of popular around the island, we didn’t find a lot of people skitouring of the beaten paths. Old stories of people walking up the mountains with wooden planks make it even more surreal to be in between mountains and ocean with nothing more than the roaring wind around you. 

Conquering the vast ice covered areas, the icelandics can be described as the Daniel Düsentriebs of Winter traveling. From small wooden sticks to tank like ice vehicles you can find some really weird vehicles around the islands. Some of them work, some of them might not. 

Some old Austrian skis hanging around in the Café tell stories from a different time. 

The chocolate dealer told us that once some tourists from far away asked for some skis to take for their home, but he horded them and kept them in their place until today.


After more than a week of patiently waiting, we finally got rewarded by some fresh snow, less wind and one last day of blue sky and sunny weather. The mountain tops appeared out of the clouds and gave away the beautiful tipical Icelandic view of the fjords. The feeling of cruising above the ocean can’t be described properly through here.


We came to go skitouring, but in the end we stayed for the warm hearted people, the hospitality, the landscape and the tipical Icelandic experience. Hottubs and hot chocolate included.